Chinese Traditional: 天氣
Chinese Simplified: 天气
Pinyin: tian1 qi4
Zhuyin: ㄊㄧㄢ ㄑㄧˋ
English Meaning: weather
German Meaning: Wetter
Spanish Meaning: el tiempo

Example Sentences:

xi1 wang4 ming2 tian1 shi4 hao3 tian1 qi4.
Hope the weather is fine tomorrow.
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zhe4 yang4 de5 tian1 qi4 rang4 wo3 you1 yu4.
This kind of weather makes me blue.
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wo3 cong2 lai2 mei2 you3 jing1 li4 guo4 zhe4 me5 re4 de5 tian1 qi4.
I have never experienced such hot weather.
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因為天氣實在太熱, 學校提早放暑假。
因为天气实在太热, 学校提早放暑假。
yin1 wei4 tian1 qi4 shi2 zai4 tai4 re4, xue2 xiao4 ti2 zao3 fang4 shu3 jia4.
Schools started summer vacation early because the weather was really too hot.
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ming2 tian1 de5 tian1 qi4 hui4 shi4 zen3 yang4?
What will the weather be like tomorrow?
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ming2 tian1 hui4 shi4 hao3 tian1 qi4.
The weather will be good tomorrow.
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jin1 tian1 tian1 qi4 tai4 leng3, bu2 shi4 he2 you2 yong3.
Today it is too cold to go swimming.
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Related Words:



1. sky, heaven 2. day 3. nature

Here: sky, heaven

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1. gas, air, atmosphere 2. to be angry 3. vital breath, qi 4. the mental status 5. anger 6. smell, odour 7. breath 8. quality, character, spirit, mettle

Here: gas, air, atmosphere

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