Chinese Traditional: 困難
Chinese Simplified: 困难
Pinyin: kun4 nan2
Zhuyin: ㄎㄨㄣˋ ㄋㄢˊ
English Meaning: 1. difficult 2. difficulty, difficult situation
German Meaning: schwierig
Spanish Meaning: difícil

Example Sentences:

yao4 wo3 zi4 ji3 yi2 ge5 ren2 wan2 cheng2 quan2 bu4 de5 jia1 shi4 shi2 zai4 hen3 kun4 nan2.
It is really difficult to finish all the housework by myself.
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da4 xue2 gang1 bi4 ye4 zhao3 gong1 zuo4 bi3 jiao4 kun4 nan2.
It is more difficult to find a job just after university.
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zai4 zhe4 jia1 can1 ting1, yao4 de2 dao4 fu2 wu4 sheng1 de5 zhu4 yi4 hen3 kun4 nan2.
It is very difficult to catch the attention of the waiter in this restaurant.
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xiang4 yin2 hang2 shen1 qing3 dai4 kuan3 mei2 na4 me5 kun4 nan2.
Applying for a loan from a bank isn't that difficult.
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yao4 zai4 yi4 nian2 nei4 jing1 tong1 a1 la1 bo2 yu3 shi4 hen3 kun4 nan2 de5 shi4.
It is very difficult to master Arabic within one year.
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shi4 qing2 yi4 kai1 shi3 jin4 zhan3 de5 hen3 shun4 li4, dan4 hou4 lai2 wo3 men5 yu4 dao4 le5 kun4 nan2.
Things went well at the beginning, but later on we ran into trouble.
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Related Words:



besieged, stranded, trapped, in distress

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1. difficult 2. problem, difficulty 3. not good

Here: difficult

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