Chinese Traditional: 負擔
Chinese Simplified: 负担
Pinyin: fu4 dan1
Zhuyin: ㄈㄨˋ ㄉㄢ
English Meaning: 1. a burden, a load 2. to bear, to shoulder (a burden)
German Meaning: Last (tragen)

Example Sentences:

lun2 dun1 de5 fang2 di4 chan3 shi4 chang3 yi3 gao1 de5 ling4 ren2 wu2 fa3 fu4 dan1.
London's property market is becoming unaffordable.
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gong1 si1 jiang1 ti2 gong1 su4 she4 huo4 fan4 dian4, bing4 fu4 dan1 ji1 piao4 kai1 xiao1.
The company will provide housing or hotel accommodation and cover the cost of flights.
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Related Words:


1. negative, minus 2. to bear, to carry 3. to lose, to fail

Here: to bear, to carry

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to take on, to carry (responsibility)

Here: to take on, to carry

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