Chinese Traditional: 氣溫
Chinese Simplified: 气温
Pinyin: qi4 wen1
Zhuyin: ㄑㄧˋ ㄨㄣ
English Meaning: temperature
German Meaning: Temperatur
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Example Sentences:

tai2 bei3 jin1 tian1 xia4 wu3 qi4 wen1 sheng1 dao4 she4 shi4 san1 shi2 ba1 du4.
The temperature in Taipei this afternoon rose to 38 degree Celsius.
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luo2 ma3 ni2 ya3 de5 qi4 wen1 gao1 dao4 ke3 yi3 zai4 che1 ding3 jian1 dan4.
The temperature in Romania was so high that you could fry an egg on top of a car.
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fa4 guo2 de5 qi4 wen1 chi2 xu4 bao3 chi2 zai4 she4 shi4 san1 shi2 du4 yi3 shang4.
Temperatures in France remained over 30 degree Celsius.
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qi4 wen1 zai4 shang4 sheng1.
The temperature is rising.
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yi2 xiang4 yan2 jiu4 zhi3 chu1, di4 qiu2 shang4 suo3 you3 de5 hua4 shi2 ran2 liao4 ruo4 quan2 shu3 ran2 shao1, qi4 wen1 jiang1 hui4 shang4 sheng1 she4 shi4 shi2 du4.
The planet would warm by ten degree Celsius if all fossil fuels are burned, according to a study.
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1. gas, air, atmosphere 2. to be angry 3. vital breath, qi 4. the mental status 5. anger

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1. lukewarm, warm 2. temperature

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