Chinese Traditional: 食物
Chinese Simplified: 食物
Pinyin: shi2 wu4
Zhuyin: ㄕˊ ㄨˋ
English Meaning: food
German Meaning: Essen, Nahrung
Classifier: (zhong3)

Example Sentences:

ta1 chi1 le5 guo4 qi2 de5 shi2 wu4.
He ate expired food.
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ni3 duo1 jiu3 chi1 yi2 ci4 wai4 dai4 shi2 wu4?
How often do you eat take-out/take-away food?
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zi4 ji3 zhong4 de5 shi2 wu4 yong3 yuan3 shi4 zui4 hao3 chi1 de5.
Food always tastes best when it comes from your own garden.
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hu2 li2 chi1 de5 shi2 wu4 zhong3 lei4 hen3 duo1, xiang4 shi4 shui3 guo3、lao3 shu3、niao3 lei4、kun1 chong2 he2 song1 shu3 deng3 deng3.
Foxes eat a wide variety of foods, such as fruits, mice, birds, insects, squirrels, and so on.
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他熱愛在巴西的生活 - 那裡的人、食物和音樂。
他热爱在巴西的生活 - 那里的人、食物和音乐。
ta1 re4 ai4 zai4 ba1 xi1 de5 sheng1 huo2- na4 li3 de5 ren2、shi2 wu4 han4 yin1 yue4.
He loves his life in Brazil - the people, the food and the music.
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wo3 ke3 yi3 dian3 shi2 wu4 wai4 dai4 ma5?
Can I order food to go?
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yi1 yuan4 li3 de5 shi2 wu4 hao3 nan2 chi1, wo3 chi1 bu2 xia4 qu4!
The food at the hospital was so horrible that I couldn't eat it!
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Related Words:



1. food 2. to eat

Here: food

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1. thing, object, matter 2. abbreviation for physics 3. all of the outside world, excluding oneself 4. substance, content 5. to choose, to select 6. to seek, to look for

Here: thing, object, matter

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