Chinese Traditional: 所以
Chinese Simplified: 所以
Pinyin: suo3 yi3
Zhuyin: ㄙㄨㄛˇ ㄧˇ
English Meaning: therefore, so
German Meaning: deshalb, daher
Spanish Meaning: por eso

Example Sentences:

上司在同事前責罵他, 所以他覺得很不好意思。
上司在同事前责骂他, 所以他觉得很不好意思。
shang4 si1 zai4 tong2 shi4 qian2 ze2 ma4 ta1, suo3 yi3 ta1 jue2 de5 hen3 bu4 hao3 yi4 si5.
The boss reprimanded him in front of his colleagues so he felt very embarrassed.
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他有心事, 所以注意力沒辦法集中。
他有心事, 所以注意力没办法集中。
ta1 you3 xin1 shi4, suo3 yi3 zhu4 yi4 li4 mei2 ban4 fa3 ji2 zhong1.
He has something weighing on his mind, therefore cannot focus.
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ta1 yi3 wei2 na4 shi4 huan4 jue2 suo3 yi3 zhi4 zhi1 bu4 li3.
He thought that it was an illusion so he ignored it.
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zhe4 jia1 can1 ting1 hen3 shou4 huan1 ying2, suo3 yi3 ni3 zui4 hao3 shi4 xian1 yu4 yue1.
This restaurant is very popular, so you'd better make a reservation in advance.
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wo3 dui4 niu2 nai3 guo4 min3, suo3 yi3 gai3 he1 yang2 nai3.
I'm allergic to cow's milk, therefore I drink goat's milk instead.
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Related Words:



1. place 2. that which 3. (a measure word for universities, buildings, houses)

Here: that which

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1. with, by, by means of 2. in order to, so as to 3. because, because of 4. to use, to use as 5. according to 6. at (a certain date or place)

Here: because, because of

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