Chinese Traditional: 我們的
Chinese Simplified: 我们的
Pinyin: wo3 men5 de5
Zhuyin: ㄨㄛˇ ㄇㄣ˙ ㄉㄜ˙
English Meaning: 1. our 2. ours
German Meaning: unsere

Example Sentences:

我們的生意很好, 我們的客人很多。
我们的生意很好, 我们的客人很多。
wo3 men5 de5 sheng1 yi4 hen3 hao3, wo3 men5 de5 ke4 ren2 hen3 duo1.
Our business is very good, we have many customers.
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wo3 men5 de5 lin2 ju1 you3 si4 zhi1 gou3.
Our neighbour has 4 dogs.
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wo3 men5 de5 jing1 li3 xian4 zai4 bu2 zai4 ta1 de5 ban4 gong1 shi4.
Our manager is not in his office at the moment.
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wo3 men5 de5 fang2 dong1 zheng4 zai4 zhao3 xin1 fang2 ke4.
Our landlord is looking for new tenants.
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wo3 men5 de5 fang2 zi5 zuo4 luo4 zai4 jiao1 qu1.
Our house is situated in the suburbs.
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lü4 se4 ke3 yi3 bao3 hu4 wo3 men5 de5 yan3 jing1.
Green colour can protect our eyes.
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wo3 men5 de5 tu2 shu1 guan3 bu4 zhi3 you3 shu1, hai2 you3 hen3 duo1 za2 zhi4.
There are not only books but also many magazines in our library.
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Related Words:

我們   我们

wǒ men

1. we 2. our 3. us

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1. of (possessive particle) 2. (adjectival ending) 3. (used at the end of a declarative sentence for emphasis) 4. (used to form a nominal expression)

Here: of (possessive particle)

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