Chinese Traditional: 已經
Chinese Simplified: 已经
Pinyin: yi3 jing1
Zhuyin: ㄧˇ ㄐㄧㄥ
English Meaning: already
German Meaning: bereits
Spanish Meaning: ya

Example Sentences:

很晚了, 銀行已經關門了。
很晚了, 银行已经关门了。
hen3 wan3 le5, yin2 hang2 yi3 jing1 guan1 men2 le5.
It's very late, the bank is already closed.
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已經七點了, 我們應該回家了。
已经七点了, 我们应该回家了。
yi3 jing1 qi1 dian3 le5, wo3 men5 ying1 gai1 hui2 jia1 le5.
It is already 7 o'clock, we should go home.
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真可惜, 他已經結婚了。
真可惜, 他已经结婚了。
zhen1 ke3 xi2, ta1 yi3 jing1 jie2 hun1 le5.
It is a pity, he is already married.
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wo3 men5 yi3 jing1 deng3 le5 yi2 ge5 xiao3 shi2 le5.
We have been waiting for an hour already.
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wo3 yi3 jing1 cun2 gou4 qian2 le5.
I have already saved enough money.
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wo3 yi3 jing1 ba3 nuan3 qi4 ji1 guan1 xiao3 le5.
I have already turned down the heater.
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我以前抽煙, 但是已經戒了。
我以前抽烟, 但是已经戒了。
wo3 yi3 qian2 chou1 yan1, dan4 shi4 yi3 jing1 jie4 le5.
I used to smoke but I've quit.
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Related Words:


1. already 2. then 3. to end (old use)

Here: already

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1. to pass through 2. to undergo, to experience 3. scripture, sacred book, sutra 4. to engage in, to manage 5. longitude 6. menstruation 7. (abbr. for economics)

Here: to undergo, to experience

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