Chinese Traditional: 子女
Chinese Simplified: 子女
Pinyin: zi3 nü3
Zhuyin: ㄗˇ ㄋㄩˇ
English Meaning: children, sons and daughters
Classifier: (ge5) or (ming2)
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Example Sentences:

fu4 mu3 bu4 ying1 bei4 rong2 xu3 jiang1 qi2 yi4 yuan4 qiang2 jia1 yu2 zi3 nü3 shen1 shang4.
Parents should not be allowed to impose their wishes on children.
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Related Words:


1. son, child 2. seed, small thing 3. eleven p.m. to one a.m. (the 1st of the twelve Earthly Branches, used by the ancient Chinese to designate years, months, dates, time) 4. an honorary title 5. (a suffix for a small piece)

Here: son, child

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1. woman 2. female 3. daughter

Here: daughter

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