Chinese Traditional: 安撫
Chinese Simplified: 安抚
Pinyin: an1 fu3
Zhuyin: ㄢ ㄈㄨˇ
English Meaning: to placate, to pacify, to appease

Example Sentences:

xin1 shi4 zhang3 de5 ping2 lun4 wei4 neng2 an1 fu3 kang4 yi4 ren2 shi4.
The new mayor's comments did little to mollify the protestors.
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Related Words:



1. security, safety, peace 2. to install, to fit 3. to be calm, to be at ease 4. to calm, to pacify 5. quiet, safe, secure 6. Anne (female name) 7. An (Chinese surname)

Here: to calm, to pacify

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1. to nurture, to bring up 2. to bring comfort to

Here: to bring comfort to

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