Chinese Traditional: 小說
Chinese Simplified: 小说
Pinyin: xiao3 shuo1
Zhuyin: ㄒㄧㄠˇ ㄕㄨㄛ
English Meaning: a novel
German Meaning: Roman
Classifier: (ben3) or (bu4) or (pian1)

Example Sentences:

那本小說很精彩, 他一口氣看完。
那本小说很精彩, 他一口气看完。
na4 ben3 xiao3 shuo1 hen3 jing1 cai3, ta1 yi4 kou3 qi4 kan4 wan2.
That novel was brilliant, he finished reading it in one go.
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wo3 bu4 xi3 huan1 bei1 ju4 xiao3 shuo1.
I don't like tragic novels.
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ta1 xing1 qi2 si4 hui4 qu4 tu2 shu1 guan3 jie4 yi4 ben3 xin1 de5 xiao3 shuo1.
On Thursday she will go to the library and borrow a new novel.
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kan4 wan2 kong3 bu4 xiao3 shuo1 hou4 wo3 you3 shi2 hou4 hui4 zuo4 e4 meng4.
After reading a scary book I sometimes have nightmares.
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ta1 de5 xiao3 shuo1 shi4 xian4 dai4 she4 hui4 de5 zhen1 shi2 xie3 zhao4.
His novel is a real portrayal of the modern society.
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wo3 zai4 kan4 xiao3 shuo1.
I'm reading a novel.
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Related Words:



1. small, little 2. few 3. young 4. minor, petty 5. briefly, for a short while 6. slightly, a little 7. (the) youngest 8. (prefix used in front of family name to indicate informality or affection) 9. (humble) my, our 10. short for primary school

Here: small, little

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1. to speak, to say 2. to explain, to tell 3. to reprimand, to tell off 4. theory, doctrine

Here: to explain, to tell

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