Chinese Traditional: 代替
Chinese Simplified: 代替
Pinyin: dai4 ti4
Zhuyin: ㄉㄞˋ ㄊㄧˋ
English Meaning: to replace, to substitute
German Meaning: ersetzen

Example Sentences:

qing3 dai4 ti4 wo3 wen4 hou4 ta1.
Please send him my regards.
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因為缺貨, 廚師們用馬肉代替鮪魚做壽司。
因为缺货, 厨师们用马肉代替鲔鱼做寿司。
yin1 wei4 que1 huo4, chu2 shi1 men5 yong4 ma3 rou4 dai4 ti4 wei3 yu2 zuo4 shou4 si1.
Due to the short supply of tuna, chefs use horse meat to replace it when making sushi.
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Related Words:



1. to substitute, to replace 2. generation 3. era, period 4. dynasty 5. to act on behalf of others 6. (geological) eon

Here: substitute, replace

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1. to substitute for, to replace 2. on behalf of, for

Here: on behalf of, for, to substitute for, to replace

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