Chinese Traditional: 女人
Chinese Simplified: 女人
Pinyin: nü3 ren2
Zhuyin: ㄋㄩˇ ㄖㄣˊ
English Meaning: woman, women
German Meaning: die Frau
Spanish Meaning: la mujer
Classifier: (ge5)

Example Sentences:

ni3 shi4 wo3 ren4 shi4 de5 nü3 ren2 zhong1 zui4 mei3 li4 de5.
You are the most beautiful woman I know.
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yi3 ta1 zhe4 ge5 nian2 ling2 de5 nü3 ren2 lai2 shuo1, ta1 de5 shen1 cai2 wei2 chi2 de5 xiang1 dang1 hao3.
She is in good shape for a woman of her age.
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you3 yi2 xiang4 yan2 jiu4 fa1 xian4 nü3 ren2 di1 gu1 zi4 ji3 de5 zhi4 li4, er2 nan2 ren2 que4 gao1 gu1 zi4 ji3 de5 zhi4 li4.
A study found that women underestimate their intelligence, while men overestimate theirs.
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nü3 ren2 bi3 nan2 ren2 geng4 qing2 xu4 hua4.
Women are more emotional than men.
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ta1 qu3 le5 yi2 ge5 hui2 jiao4 nü3 ren2 zhi1 hou4 jiu4 bian4 cheng2 le5 hui2 jiao4 tu2.
He has become a Muslim after he married a Muslim woman.
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shen1 wei2 nan2 ren2, ni3 xi3 huan1 nü3 ren2 sa3 jiao1 ma5?
As a man, do you like a woman acting like a spoiled child in a playful way?
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na4 ge5 wu2 chi3 de5 nü3 ren2 xi3 huan1 gou1 yin3 you3 fu4 zhi1 fu1.
That shameless woman likes to seduce married men.
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Related Words:


1. woman 2. female 3. daughter

Here: female

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people, person, human being

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