Chinese Traditional: 第一個
Chinese Simplified: 第一个
Pinyin: di4 yi1 ge5
Zhuyin: ㄉㄧˋ ㄧ ㄍㄜ˙
English Meaning: the first one
German Meaning: erster, erste

Example Sentences:

ta1 men5 de5 di4 yi1 ge5 xiao3 hai2 shi4 nan2 de5.
Their first child is a boy.
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英國的國碼是四四, 不用撥前面第一個零。
英国的国码是四四, 不用拨前面第一个零。
ying1 guo2 de5 guo2 ma3 shi4 si4 si4, bu2 yong4 bo1 qian2 mian4 di4 yi1 ge5 ling2.
The international dialing code for the UK is 44 and you don't have to dial the first 0.
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cong2 zhe4 li3 zhi2 zou3 dao4 di4 yi1 ge5 hong2 lü4 deng1 you4 zhuan3.
Keep walking ahead from here until the first traffic light, then turn right.
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Related Words:

第一   第一

dì yī

first, 1st

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1. piece 2. (a measure word for people or objects)

Here: (a measure word for people or objects)

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