Chinese Traditional: 電視
Chinese Simplified: 电视
Pinyin: dian4 shi4
Zhuyin: ㄉㄧㄢˋ ㄕˋ
English Meaning: TV, television, telly
German Meaning: Fernsehen
Spanish Meaning: la televisión
Classifier: (tai2)

Example Sentences:

wo3 qu4 guo4 dian4 shi4 bao4 dao3 de5 na4 ge5 sen1 lin2.
I've been to the forest that was shown on TV.
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星期天是陰天, 我們整天在家裡看電視。
星期天是阴天, 我们整天在家里看电视。
xing1 qi2 tian1 shi4 yin1 tian1, wo3 men5 zheng3 tian1 zai4 jia1 li3 kan4 dian4 shi4.
Sunday was a cloudy day, we stayed home and watched TV the whole day.
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wei4 sheng1 shu3 jue2 ding4 zai4 wan3 jian1 jin4 bo1 le4 se4 shi2 wu4 de5 dian4 shi4 guang3 gao4.
The Department of Health has decided to ban junk food TV commercials in the evening.
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dian4 shi4 shang4 you3 hen3 duo1 bao4 li4 de5 jie2 mu4.
There are a lot of violent programs on TV.
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ni3 jie4 yi4 wo3 da3 kai1 dian4 shi4 ma5?
Do you mind if I switch on the television?
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ta1 zheng4 zai4 kan4 dian4 shi4.
He is watching TV at the moment.
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dian4 shi4 guang3 gao4 you3 shi2 hou4 zhen1 de5 hen3 fan2 ren2.
The adverts on television are really annoying sometimes.
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