Chinese Traditional: 發生
Chinese Simplified: 发生
Pinyin: fa1 sheng1
Zhuyin: ㄈㄚ ㄕㄥ
English Meaning: to happen, to occur
German Meaning: geschehen, ereignen
Spanish Meaning: ocurrir, suceder
Classifier: (ci4)

Example Sentences:

ni3 wei4 shen2 me5 mei2 lai2? fa1 sheng1 le5 shen2 me5 shi4?
Why didn't you come? What happened?
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ta1 zai4 yi4 wai4 fa1 sheng1 de5 san1 ge5 xiao3 shi2 hou4 hui1 fu4 yi4 shi4.
He regained consciousness three hours after the accident.
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zuo2 tian1 dao4 di3 fa1 sheng1 le5 shen2 me5 shi4?
What exactly happened yesterday?
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wo3 bu4 zhi1 dao4 fa1 sheng1 le5 shen2 me5 shi4 qing2.
I had no idea what happened.
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shi3 shang4 ji4 zai3 zui4 da4 de5 di4 zhen4 fa1 sheng1 zai4 zhi4 li4.
The largest earthquake ever recorded was in Chile.
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fa1 sheng1 le5 shen2 me5 shi4?
What happened?
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wo3 you3 quan2 li4 zhi1 dao4 fa1 sheng1 le5 shen2 me5 shi4.
I have a right to know what happened.
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Related Words:


1. to sprout, to bud 2. to send out, to give and distribute 3. to develop 4. to express, to show (feelings) 5. (a measure word for gunshots, rounds) 6. to make a lot of money

Here: to develop

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1. to be born 2. to give birth 3. raw, uncooked 4. to get (angry) 5. to be alive 6. to grow, to produce 7. student, pupil 8. life, living, livelihood 9. personnel of certain professions 10. strange, unfamiliar

Here: to grow, to produce

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