Chinese Traditional: 開花
Chinese Simplified: 开花
Pinyin: kai1 hua1
Zhuyin: ㄎㄞ ㄏㄨㄚ
English Meaning: to bloom, to blossom
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Example Sentences:

ying1 tao2 shu4 kai1 hua1 le5.
The cherry tree is in flower.
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1. to open 2. to drive, to steer 3. to bloom, to blossom 4. to prescribe (medicine) 5. to issue 6. to come loose 7. to make (a joke) 8. open (adj) 9. to boil (water) 10. to hold (a meeting), to organize (an event) 11. to start, to switch on

Here: to bloom, to blossom

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1. flower, blossom 2. florid, flowery, variegated 3. a design, a pattern 4. to spend, to cost (money, time) 5. profligate, disloyal, unfaithful (in a relationship) 6. Hua (Chinese surname) 7. false 8. blurred

Here: flower, blossom

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