Chinese Traditional: 試著
Chinese Simplified: 试着
Pinyin: shi4 zhe5
Zhuyin: ㄕˋ ㄓㄜ˙
English Meaning: to try to
German Meaning: versuchen
Spanish Meaning: procurar, tratar

Example Sentences:

那是一個好主意, 我會試著做。
那是一个好主意, 我会试着做。
na4 shi4 yi2 ge5 hao3 zhu3 yi4, wo3 hui4 shi4 zhe5 zuo4.
That's a good idea, I will try to do that.
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shi4 zhe5 hao3 hao3 di5 xiu1 xi2 he2 he1 hen3 duo1 shui3.
Try to have a good rest and drink a lot of water.
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qing3 shi4 zhe5 bao3 chi2 le4 guan1!
Please try to stay positive!
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ta1 zheng4 shi4 zhe5 zhao3 fen4 gao1 xin1 de5 hao3 gong1 zuo4.
He is trying to get a good job that pays good money.
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Related Words:



1. to test, to try, to experiment 2. examination, test

Here: to test, to try, to experiment

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1. (particle after a verb to indicate action in progress, similar to the -ing ending) 2. (particle that indicates a mental or physical state) 3. (an adverbial particle)

Here: an adverbial particle

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