Chinese Traditional: 法院
Chinese Simplified: 法院
Pinyin: fa3 yuan4
Zhuyin: ㄈㄚˇ ㄩㄢˋ
English Meaning: court, court of law
Classifier: (jian1)
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Example Sentences:

fa3 yuan4 yin1 que1 fa2 zheng4 ju4 er2 bu2 shou4 li3 zhe4 ge5 an4 jian4.
The court dismissed the case for lack of evidence.
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fa3 yuan4 ba3 hai2 zi5 men5 de5 jian1 hu4 quan2 pan4 gei3 le5 mu3 qin1.
The court gave the mother custody of the children.
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zhi2 fa3 ren2 yuan2 hu4 song4 tai4 rui4 li2 kai1 fa3 yuan4.
Law enforcement officers escorted Terry out of the courthouse.
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Related Words:


1. law 2. method, way 3. Buddhist teaching

Here: law, method, way

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1. courtyard 2. institution, public office

Here: institution, public office

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