Chinese Traditional: 重要
Chinese Simplified: 重要
Pinyin: zhong4 yao4
Zhuyin: ㄓㄨㄥˋ ㄧㄠˋ
English Meaning: 1. important 2. major
German Meaning: wichtig
Spanish Meaning: importante

Example Sentences:

錢不重要, 健康比較重要。
钱不重要, 健康比较重要。
qian2 bu2 zhong4 yao4, jian4 kang1 bi3 jiao4 zhong4 yao4.
Money is not important, health is more important.
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tou2 piao4 zai4 min2 zhu3 guo2 jia1 shi4 hen3 zhong4 yao4 de5.
It is important to vote in a democratic country.
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bao3 hu4 yu3 lin2 shi4 hen3 zhong4 yao4 de5.
The protection of the rainforest is very important.
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jia1 ting2 jiao4 yu4 hen3 zhong4 yao4.
Family education is very important.
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zhong4 yao4 de5 shi4 ni3 cong2 zi4 ji3 de5 cuo4 wu4 zhong1 xue2 xi2.
The important thing is that you learn from your mistakes.
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dui4 wo3 lai2 shuo1, wo3 de5 jia1 ren2 zui4 zhong4 yao4.
Nothing is more important to me than my family.
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gai4 zhi2 shi4 gu3 ge2 de5 zhong4 yao4 yuan2 su4.
Calcium is important for the bones.
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Related Words:



1. heavy 2. serious, severe, strong, intense 3. important 4. weight 5. to respect, to attach importance to 6. considerable (in amount)

Here: important

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1. to want, would like to 2. have to, must 3. important, vital 4. to ask for, to request 5. will, be going to (future tense)

Here: important, vital

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