Chinese Traditional: 太太
Chinese Simplified: 太太
Pinyin: tai4 tai5
Zhuyin: ㄊㄞˋ ㄊㄞ˙
English Meaning: 1. Mrs., Madam 2. wife
German Meaning: Ehefrau
Classifier: (wei4) or (ge5)

Example Sentences:

wo3 tai4 tai5 you3 shi4 xian1 yu4 yue1 san1 ge5 wan3 shang4.
My wife has made a reservation for 3 nights in advance.
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qing3 dai4 wo3 xiang4 ni3 tai4 tai5 wen4 hao3!
Please send my regards to your wife!
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jie2 ke4 jing1 chang2 song4 xiao3 li3 wu4 rang4 tai4 tai5 jing1 xi3.
Jack often surprises his wife with little gifts.
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wo3 tai4 tai5 zi4 cong2 liu2 chan3 zhi1 hou4 jiu4 you3 dian3 qing2 xu4 di1 luo4.
My wife is a bit down since she lost the baby.
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Related Words:



1. too, so (much) 2. very, extremely 3. quite 4. two generations senior 5. highest, greatest 6. wife, Miss, Mrs 7. most, utmost 8. senior, noble

Here: wife, Miss, Mrs

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