Chinese Traditional: 首次
Chinese Simplified: 首次
Pinyin: shou3 ci4
Zhuyin: ㄕㄡˇ ㄘˋ
English Meaning: for the first time

Example Sentences:

fei1 zhou1 shou3 ci4 de5 shi4 jie4 bei1 zai4 er4 ling2 yi1 ling2 nian2 ju3 xing2.
The first World Cup in Africa took place in 2010.
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Related Words:



1. head 2. chief 3. first, best, highest 4. (a measure word for poems, songs) 5. start, beginning 6. side, direction 7. to report someone to the authorities, to plead guilty

Here: chief, first

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1. number of times 2. order, sequence 3. (a measure word for number of times) 4. secondary, vice-, sub- 5. next in sequence, second 6. inferior, substandard

Here: number of times, order, sequence

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