Chinese Traditional:
Chinese Simplified:
Pinyin: shang1
Zhuyin: ㄕㄤ
English Meaning: 1. wound, injury 2. to hurt, to injure

Example Sentences:

wo3 xiang3 ni3 shang1 dao4 ta1 de5 zi4 zun1 le5.
I think you've hurt his pride.
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wo3 shuai1 dao3 le5, shang1 dao4 xi1 gai4.
I fell and hurt my knee.
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ta1 shou4 de5 tui3 shang1 ke3 neng2 jie2 shu4 ta1 de5 wang3 qiu2 sheng1 ya2.
He suffered a leg injury that could end his tennis career.
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gao1 xiong2 yi4 lian2 chuan4 de5 wa3 si1 bao4 zha4 zao4 cheng2 zhi4 shao3 san1 shi2 si3 he2 san1 bai3 ling2 jiu3 shang1.
At least 30 people were killed and 309 others were injured as a result of a series of gas explosions in Kaohsiung.
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