Chinese Traditional: 不用
Chinese Simplified: 不用
Pinyin: bu2 yong4
Zhuyin: ㄅㄨˊ ㄩㄥˋ
English Meaning: 1. need not 2. disuse

Example Sentences:

英國的國碼是四四, 不用撥前面第一個零。
英国的国码是四四, 不用拨前面第一个零。
ying1 guo2 de5 guo2 ma3 shi4 si4 si4, bu2 yong4 bo1 qian2 mian4 di4 yi1 ge5 ling2.
The international dialing code for the UK is 44 and you don't have to dial the first 0.
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ta1 bu2 yong4 mian4 shi4 jiu4 bei4 lu4 yong4 le5.
He was offered the job without an interview.
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你需要幫忙嗎? 不用,謝謝。我可以自己來。
你需要帮忙吗? 不用,谢谢。我可以自己来。
ni3 xu1 yao4 bang1 mang2 ma5? bu2 yong4, xie4 xie5. wo3 ke3 yi3 zi4 ji3 lai2.
Do you need help? No, thank you, I can cope.
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ta1 lian2 fu4 fang2 zu1 dou1 you3 wen4 ti2, geng4 bu2 yong4 shuo1 cun2 qian2 le5.
He has trouble even paying his rent, let alone saving money.
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Related Words:


not, no (2nd tone)

Here: not, no

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1. to use 2. (usually in the negative) to need, to have to 3. to eat or drink 4. expense, outlay 5. usefulness 6. to employ

Here: to use

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