Chinese Traditional: 起來
Chinese Simplified: 起来
Pinyin: qi3 lai2
Zhuyin: ㄑㄧˇ ㄌㄞˊ
English Meaning: 1. (beginning or continuing action) 2. to stand up, to get up 3. (to feel, look, smell, sound or taste) like

Example Sentences:

zhe4 bei1 bao1 hao3 zhong4, wo3 ji1 hu1 ti2 bu4 qi3 lai2.
This backpack is so heavy, I can hardly lift it.
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ke3 yi3 qing3 ni3 ba3 chuang1 hu4 guan1 qi3 lai2 ma5?
Could you close the window please?
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wo3 xu1 yao4 ba3 zhe4 xie1 wen2 jian4 ying3 yin4 qi3 lai2.
I need to have these documents photocopied.
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ta1 hua4 zhuang1 qi3 lai2 hen3 piao4 liang4.
She looks very pretty with make-up.
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wo3 xi1 wang4 ka1 fei1 he1 qi3 lai2 he2 ta1 wen2 qi3 lai2 yi2 yang4 xiang1!
I wish coffee would taste as good as it smells!
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qi2 guai4, zhe4 xie1 niu2 rou4 wan2 zi5 chi1 qi3 lai2 xiang4 ma3 rou4!
Strange, these beef meatballs taste like horse meat!
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qing3 ba3 ni3 de5 chou4 wa4 zi5 jian3 qi3 lai2, fang4 dao4 xi3 yi1 lan2 li3.
Please pick up your smelly socks, and put them in the laundry basket.
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Related Words:


1. to rise, to raise, to get up 2. to start, to initiate (action), to launch 3. since (timing) 4. (a measure word for occurrences or events)

Here: to rise, to raise, to get up

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1. to come 2. in order to 3. to take place, to crop up 4. to have 5. future, coming, next 6. (used to replace another verb) 7. (used with to express capability) 8. ever since

Here: to come, to come from

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