Chinese Traditional: 一起
Chinese Simplified: 一起
Pinyin: yi4 qi3
Zhuyin: ㄧˋ ㄑㄧˇ
English Meaning: together
German Meaning: zusammen, gemeinsam
Spanish Meaning: juntos

Example Sentences:

好啊, 我要和你們一起去。
好啊, 我要和你们一起去。
hao3 a1, wo3 yao4 han4 ni3 men5 yi4 qi3 qu4.
OK, I want to go with you.
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今晚有一個搖滾音樂演唱會, 妳要不要和我一起去?
今晚有一个摇滚音乐演唱会, 妳要不要和我一起去?
jin1 wan3 you3 yi1 ge5 yao2 gun3 yin1 yue4 yan3 chang4 hui4, ni3 yao4 bu2 yao4 he2 wo3 yi4 qi3 qu4?
There is a rock concert tonight, want to come with me?
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wo3 men5 yi4 qi3 qu4 jiu3 ba1.
We went to the pub together.
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wo3 de5 meng4 xiang3 shi4 he2 nü3 peng2 you3 yi4 qi3 huan2 you2 shi4 jie4.
My dream is to go travelling around the world with my girlfriend.
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wo3 men5 zhe4 ge5 zhou1 mo4 yi4 qi3 qu4 guang4 jie1 hao3 bu4 hao3?
How about going shopping together this weekend?
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zhe4 ge5 ye1 dan4 jie2 wo3 da3 suan4 gen1 wo3 fu4 mu3 yi4 qi3 guo4.
I plan to spend this Christmas with my parents.
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zhe4 ge5 xing1 qi2 wu3 yao4 bu2 yao4 yi4 qi3 qu4 kan4 chang3 dian4 ying3?
How about watching a film together this Friday?
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Related Words:


1. one, 1 2. as soon as 3. single, alone 4. each, every 5. same, identical

Here: one, 1

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1. to rise, to raise, to get up 2. to start, to initiate (action), to launch 3. since (timing) 4. (a measure word for occurrences or events)

Here: to rise, to raise, to get up

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