Chinese Traditional:
Chinese Simplified:
Pinyin: dang3
Zhuyin: ㄉㄤˇ
English Meaning: 1. political party 2. gang, clique 3. Dang (Chinese surname)
German Meaning: Partei, Verein
Spanish Meaning: partido político
Classifier: (ge5)

Example Sentences:

guo2 min2 dang3 xuan3 ju3 zong3 tong3 ma3 ying1 jiu3 wei2 dang3 zhu3 xi2.
KMT elects President Ma Ying-Jeou as its Chairman.
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ni3 yi3 jing1 zhi1 dao4 yao4 tou2 gei3 na3 yi1 dang3 le5 ma5?
Do you already know which party you are going to vote for?
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