Chinese Traditional: 容易
Chinese Simplified: 容易
Pinyin: rong2 yi4
Zhuyin: ㄖㄨㄥˊ ㄧˋ
English Meaning: easy
German Meaning: einfach
Spanish Meaning: fácil

Example Sentences:

zhong1 wen2 hen3 rong2 yi4 xue2.
Chinese is very easy to learn.
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mian3 yi4 xi4 tong3 ruo4 de5 ren2 te4 bie2 rong2 yi4 gan3 mao4.
People with weak immune systems easily catch a cold.
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如果長時間穿著高跟鞋, 腳趾容易變形。
如果长时间穿着高跟鞋, 脚趾容易变形。
ru2 guo3 chang2 shi2 jian1 chuan1 zhuo2 gao1 gen1 xie2, jiao3 zhi3 rong2 yi4 bian4 xing2.
Wearing high-heeled shoes for a long period of time can easily change the shape of the toes.
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chang2 qi2 bu4 chi1 zao3 can1 hen3 rong2 yi4 de5 wei4 kui4 yang2.
Skipping breakfast over a long period of time makes it very easy to get gastric ulcers.
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zhe4 bu4 dian4 ying3 de5 jie2 ju2 hen3 rong2 yi4 cai1 dao4.
The ending of this film is very easily guessed.
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wo3 de5 lao3 ban3 hen3 rong2 yi4 sheng1 qi4.
My boss gets angry very easily.
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sheng1 huo2 bu2 shi4 yi2 jian4 rong2 yi4 de5 shi4.
Life isn't easy.
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Related Words:



1. to hold, to contain 2. appearance, look 3. countenance, facial expression 4. to dress up and put on make-up 5. to allow 6. to tolerate

Here: to allow

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1. easy 2. to change, to exchange 3. Yi (Chinese surname)

Here: easy

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