Chinese Traditional: 太好了
Chinese Simplified: 太好了
Pinyin: tai4 hao3 le5
Zhuyin: ㄊㄞˋ ㄏㄠˇ ㄌㄜ˙
English Meaning: Great!, Very nice!
German Meaning: prima, super, toll
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Example Sentences:

ru2 guo3 ni3 neng2 lai2 wo3 de5 pai4 dui4 jiu4 tai4 hao3 le5.
It would be very nice if you could come to my party.
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tai4 hao3 le5, na4 wo3 jiu4 fang4 xin1 le5!
Great, I will not be worried!
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Related Words:



1. too (much) 2. very, extremely 3. quite 4. two generations senior 5. highest

Here: very, extremely

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1. good, nice, fine 2. very, so 3. completed, done 4. OK!

Here: good, nice, fine

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