Chinese Traditional:
Chinese Simplified:
Pinyin: ling2
Zhuyin: ㄌㄧㄥˊ
English Meaning: 1. zero, nought 2. a part of fraction of the whole 3. fragmentary, scattered
German Meaning: Null

Example Sentences:

er4 ling2 yi1 er4 nian2 de5 ao4 yun4 zai4 lun2 dun1.
The 2012 Olympics are in London.
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英國的國碼是四四, 不用撥前面第一個零。
英国的国码是四四, 不用拨前面第一个零。
ying1 guo2 de5 guo2 ma3 shi4 si4 si4, bu2 yong4 bo1 qian2 mian4 di4 yi1 ge5 ling2.
The international dialing code for the UK is 44 and you don't have to dial the first 0.
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de2 guo2 zai4 yi1 jiu3 jiu3 ling2 nian2 tong3 yi1.
Germany was reunited in 1990.
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gang1 qin2 zai4 yi1 qi1 ling2 jiu3 nian2 fa1 ming2 yu2 yi4 da4 li4.
The piano was invented in 1709 in Italy.
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ying1 guo2 zai4 er4 ling2 ling2 si4 nian2 jin4 zhi3 lie4 hu2 li2.
In the UK fox-hunting was banned in 2004.
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fei1 zhou1 shou3 ci4 de5 shi4 jie4 bei1 zai4 er4 ling2 yi1 ling2 nian2 ju3 xing2.
The first World Cup in Africa took place in 2010.
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ba1 li2 zai4 yi1 jiu3 yi1 ling2 nian2 ceng2 jing1 yan1 shui3 jiang1 jin4 shi2 tian1.
In 1910, Paris was flooded for nearly 10 days.
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