Chinese Traditional: 客戶
Chinese Simplified: 客户
Pinyin: ke4 hu4
Zhuyin: ㄎㄜˋ ㄏㄨˋ
English Meaning: client, customer
Classifier: (wei4) or (ge5) or (ming2)

Example Sentences:

wo3 men5 zhi2 jie1 song4 ke4 hu4 qu4 ta1 de5 fan4 dian4.
We took our client directly to his hotel.
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ni3 de5 ke4 hu4 xi3 huan1 zhe4 ge5 chan3 pin3 ma5?
Did your clients like this product?
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yin2 hang2 mu4 qian2 zheng4 zai4 jiang4 di1 li4 lü4 yi3 xi1 yin3 xin1 ke4 hu4.
The banks are currently offering low interest rates to entice new customers.
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ya3 ma3 xun4 gong1 si1 he2 ying1 guo2 zheng4 fu3 zheng4 zai4 yan2 jiu4 ru2 he2 yong4 wu2 ren2 ji1 ba3 bao1 guo3 jiao1 dao4 ke4 hu4 shou3 zhong1.
Amazon and the British government are looking into how to use drones to deliver parcels to customers.
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Related Words:


1. visitor, guest 2. customer 3. a person in a special pursuit 4. (a measure word for meals) 5. objective, beyond human consciousness 6. minor, less major, less important

Here: customer

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1. door, window 2. household, family 3. (a measure word for households and families) 4. account (in banking, online services)

Here: account (in banking, online services)

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