Chinese Traditional: 必須
Chinese Simplified: 必须
Pinyin: bi4 xu1
Zhuyin: ㄅㄧˋ ㄒㄩ
English Meaning: to have to, must
German Meaning: müssen
Spanish Meaning: tener que, haber de

Example Sentences:

wo3 bi4 xu1 chi1 zhe4 zhong3 yao4.
I have to take this kind of medicine.
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ni3 bi4 xu1 da3 sao3 ni3 de5 fang2 jian1.
You have to tidy up your room.
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wo3 bi4 xu1 qu4 kan4 ya2 yi1.
I have to go to the dentist.
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nin2 bi4 xu1 xian1 shang4 yi2 ge5 duan3 qi2 ke4 cheng2.
You must take a short course first.
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因為下雨, 我們必須取消烤肉。
因为下雨, 我们必须取消烤肉。
yin1 wei4 xia4 yu3, wo3 men5 bi4 xu1 qu3 xiao1 kao3 rou4.
We had to cancel our barbecue because it was raining.
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wo3 bi4 xu1 zhuan4 qian2 yang3 jia1.
I have to make money and support my family.
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shou3 xian1, wo3 men5 bi4 xu1 tao2 tai4 bu2 shi4 he2 de5 ying4 zheng1 zhe3.
First of all, we have to eliminate unsuitable applicants.
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Related Words:


1. certainly 2. will 3. must

Here: must

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1. must 2. to have to

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