English Sentence:

The victim accepted the traffic accident happened due to carelessness on his part.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



shou4 hai4 zhe3 jie1 shou4 gai1 qi3 jiao1 tong1 yi4 wai4 shi4 yin1 ta1 ge4 ren2 shu1 shi1 er2 dao3 zhi4.

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shòu hài zhě

sufferer, victim, casualty

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接受   接受

jiē shòu

to accept, to receive

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1. should 2. that, the above-mentioned

Here: that, the above-mentioned

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1. to rise, to raise, to get up 2. to start, to initiate (action), to launch 3. since (timing) 4. (a measure word for occurrences or events)

Here: (a measure word for occurrences or events)

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jiāo tōng yì wài

traffic accident

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1. yes 2. to be (is, are, am, was, were) 3. (formal) that 4. (old) this, this thing 5. (particle emphasizing the word following it) 6. (particle showing agreement) 7. true, correct

Here: to be (is, are, am, was, were)

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1. cause, reason 2. because, due to 3. factor 4. depending on, according to, based on, contingent upon

Here: because, due to

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1. he 2. him 3. his 4. other, some other

Here: his

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個人   个人

gè rén

individual, personal

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疏失   疏失

shū shī

careless mistake, remissness

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1. but, however 2. and, and so, as well as 3. and then

Here: and then

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導致   导致

dǎo zhì

to lead to, to bring about, to cause

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