English Sentence:

Although I disagree with you on this matter, I respect your choice.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



sui1 ran2 wo3 han4 ni3 zai4 zhe4 jian4 shi4 qing2 shang4 kan4 fa3 bu4 tong2, wo3 zun1 zhong4 ni3 de5 xuan3 ze2.

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Words used:

雖然   虽然

suī rán

although, even though

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1. I 2. me 3. my 4. our

Here: I

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Mainland Pronunciation:

and, together with, with

Here: and

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1. you (male) 2. your (male)

Here: you (male)

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1. in, at, on 2. located at 3. at the moment (ongoing action) 4. to be, to exist 5. (an indicator of location or time)

Here: in, at, on

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1. this 2. these 3. such

Here: this

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1. document 2. item, component 3. (a measure word for clothes, luggage, events)

Here: (a measure word for clothes, luggage, events)

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事情   事情

shì qíng

affair, event, matter, thing, incident, occurrence

Here: affair, event, matter

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1. on top of, above, on, up 2. previous 3. to go up, to go to 4. according to 5. to attend (class, school) 6. superior, better 7. to install 8. to apply 9. to forge ahead 10. to fall, to get onto

Here: on

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看法   看法

kàn fǎ


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不同   不同

bù tóng

different, not the same

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1. I 2. me 3. my 4. our

Here: I

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尊重   尊重

zūn zhòng

to esteem, to respect, to value

Here: to respect

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你的   你的

nǐ de

1. your 2. yours

Here: your

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選擇   选择

xuǎn zé

1. to select, to choose 2. choice 3. selection

Here: choice

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