English Sentence:

According to the estimate, almost all sectors except for construction and services suffered sharp declines.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



gen1 ju4 gu1 ji4, chu2 le5 jian4 zhu2 ji2 fu2 wu4 ye4 wai4, ji1 hu1 suo3 you3 bu4 men2 dou1 zao1 shou4 xian3 zhu4 shuai1 tui4.

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Words used:

根據   根据

gēn jù

1. according to, based on 2. basis, cause, foundation

Here: according to, based on

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估計   估计

gū jì

1. to estimate, to reckon, to evaluate 2. estimate, estimation, calculation

Here: to estimate, to reckon, to evaluate

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除了   除了

chú le

except that, apart from, besides

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建築   建筑

jiàn zhú

Mainland Pronunciation:

jiàn zhù

1. architecture, building, construction 2. to construct

Here: architecture, building, construction

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1. to reach, to attain 2. and 3. in time for

Here: and

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fú wù yè

service trade, service industry

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1. outside, external 2. foreign 3. in addition 4. relatives of one's mother, sister or daughter

Here: in addition

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幾乎   几乎

jī hū

almost, nearly

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所有   所有

suǒ yǒu


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部門   部门

bù mén

department, branch, division, sector

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1. all, entirely 2. each 3. both

Here: all, entirely

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遭受   遭受

zāo shòu

to suffer

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顯著   显著

xiǎn zhù

notable, remarkable

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衰退   衰退

shuāi tuì

1. to decline, to drop 2. recession

Here: to decline, to drop

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