English Sentence:

The Italian parliament has just passed a controversial bill.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



yi4 da4 li4 guo2 hui4 gang1 gang1 tong1 guo4 yi1 xiang4 zheng1 yi4 xing4 fa3 an4.

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yì dà lì

[Taiwan only] 1. Italy 2. Italian

Here: Italian

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國會   国会

guó huì

parliament, congress

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剛剛   刚刚

gāng gāng

just (not long ago)

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通過   通过

tōng guò

1. to pass (exam or law) 2. to get through

Here: to pass (law)

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1. one, 1 2. as soon as 3. single, alone 4. each, every 5. same, identical

Here: one, 1

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1. item 2. type, kind 3. (measure word for items, projects, tasks) 4. back of neck 5. Xiang (Chinese surname) 6. sum (of money)

Here: (measure word for items, projects, tasks)

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zhēng yì xìng


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法案   法案

fǎ àn

bill, proposed law

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