English Sentence:

When the police officer arrived, he was cheered by the crowd.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



dang1 yuan2 jing3 di3 da2 shi2, qun2 zhong4 dui4 ta1 bao4 yi3 huan1 hu1.

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1. when, just at, during 2. to be, to serve as, to act as 3. to manage, to withstand 4. to take one's turn 5. ought, should 6. current 7. to face, to turn towards 8. to match equally, to equal, to be equal to 9. to treat something/someone as

Here: when, just at, during

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員警   员警

yuán jǐng

police officer, policeman

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抵達   抵达

dǐ dá

to arrive, to reach a destination

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1. time, moment 2. hour 3. season 4. when

Here: time, moment

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群眾   群众

qún zhòng

the masses, the public, a large mass of people

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1. for, to 2. right, correct 3. a couple, a pair 4. opposite position, facing 5. to match together 6. to adjust 7. to fit, to suit 8. (a measure word for couples or pairs of objects or people) 9. to answer, to reply 10. to face

Here: for, to

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1. he 2. him 3. his 4. other, some other

Here: him

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報以   报以

bào yǐ

to respond with

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歡呼   欢呼

huān hū

1. to cheer for 2. cheer 3. hurray

Here: cheer

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