English Sentence:

Amazon and the British government are looking into how to use drones to deliver parcels to customers.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



ya3 ma3 xun4 gong1 si1 he2 ying1 guo2 zheng4 fu3 zheng4 zai4 yan2 jiu4 ru2 he2 yong4 wu2 ren2 ji1 ba3 bao1 guo3 jiao1 dao4 ke4 hu4 shou3 zhong1.

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Words used:


yǎ mǎ xùn

Mainland Pronunciation:

yà mǎ xùn


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公司   公司

gōng sī

company, firm, corporation

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1. together with, and 2. mild, harmonious 3. peace, harmony 4. sum 5. He (Chinese surname) 6. Japanese (food, clothes)

Here: together with, and

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英國   英国

yīng guó

United Kingdom, Great Britain

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政府   政府

zhèng fǔ


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正在   正在

zhèng zài

in the process of, in the course of

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研究   研究

yán jiù

Mainland Pronunciation:

yán jiū

1. to research, to study 2. research, study

Here: to research, to study

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如何   如何

rú hé

1. how, what way 2. how about

Here: how, what way

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1. to use 2. (usually in the negative) to need, to have to 3. to eat or drink 4. expense, outlay 5. usefulness 6. to employ

Here: to use, to employ

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wú rén jī

drone, unmanned aerial vehicle

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1. (a particle which marks the following noun as a direct object) 2. to grasp, to take hold of 3. a bundle, a handful 4. (a measure word for objects with a handle, for small objects: handful) 5. handle

Here: (a particle which marks the following noun as a direct object)

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包裹   包裹

bāo guǒ

package (sent by post), parcel

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1. to deliver, to hand over 2. to make (friends), to associate with 3. to pay (money) 4. to join, to intersect 5. to exchange, to deal 6. (abbreviation for traffic)

Here: to deliver, to hand over

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1. to reach, to arrive 2. until, up to 3. to go to, to come 4. to be present (at a meeting, class, party) 5. (a particle used after a verb to indicate a completed action) 6. to (a place)

Here: to reach, to arrive

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客戶   客户

kè hù

client, customer

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1. hand (part of the body) 2. skilled person, person engaged in certain types of work 3. (a measure word for skill)

Here: hand (part of the body)

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1. in, within 2. centre 3. central 4. middle 5. (short for China) 6. (short for Chinese) 7. in the course of, during, -ing 8. (short for high school)

Here: in, within

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