English Sentence:

A thousand cups of wine are too few when drinking with close friends. It is a waste of breath to talk to whom one can't see eye to eye.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



jiu3 feng2 zhi1 ji3 qian1 bei1 shao3, hua4 bu4 tou2 ji1 ban4 ju4 duo1.

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Words used:



1. wine 2. alcoholic beverage

Here: wine

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to meet by chance

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知己   知己

zhī jǐ

intimate friend, bosom friend

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thousand, 1000

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1. cup, glass 2. (a measure word for glass, cup, mug)

Here: cup, glass

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1. few, little 2. less 3. to lack, to be missing 4. to stop (doing sth) 5. seldom

Here: few, little, lack

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1. spoken words, speech, talk 2. to tell, to talk 3. language, dialect 4. words, conversation

Here: words, speech, language

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not, no (4th tone)

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投機   投机

tóu jī

1. to be opportunistic, to gamble 2. congenial

Here: congenial

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1. half 2. incomplete, partly 3. half (noun)

Here: half, incomplete, partly

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1. a sentence (grammar) 2. (a measure word for sentences or lines of verse)

Here: a sentence (grammar)

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1. much, many, a lot 2. surplus, excess 3. more than, over 4. more, much more

Here: much, many, a lot

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