English Sentence:

A loss may turn out to be a gain. (lit. the old man lost his horse, but it all turned out for the best)

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



sai4 weng1 shi1 ma3, yan1 zhi1 fei1 fu2.

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strategic pass, tactical border position

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[old use] 1. old man 2. Weng (Chinese surname) 3. father 4. father-in-law 5. neck feathers of a bird (old)

Here: old man

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1. to lose, to miss 2. to fail 3. loss 4. a fault, a mistake

Here: to lose

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1. horse 2. Ma (Chinese surname) 3. (abbreviation for Malaysia)

Here: horse

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[old use] 1. how, why, when 2. it 3. there, here 4. and so, so that

Here: how

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1. to know, to be aware 2. knowledge

Here: to know, to be aware

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1. non-, not-, un- 2. (abbreviation for Africa) 3. to insist on 4. wrong, incorrect

Here: non-, not-, un-

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1. blessing, happiness, prosperity, good fortune, luck 2. Fu (Chinese surname) 3. abbreviation for Fujian province

Here: good fortune, luck

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