English Sentence:

Tim Cook used to work alongside with Steve Jobs.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



ku4 ke4 guo4 qu4 ceng2 yu3 jia3 bo2 si1 gong4 shi4 guo4.

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Words used:

庫克   库克

kù kè

Cook (name)

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過去   过去

guò qù

1. (in the) past 2. former, previous 3. to go over, to stop by, to move over

Here: past, former, previous

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once, former, before (past tense marker)

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1. with, and (conjunction) 2. to give

Here: with, and (conjunction)

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jiǎ bó sī

1. Jobs (name) 2. Steve Jobs

Here: Jobs (name)

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共事   共事

gòng shì

to work together, to be colleagues with

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1. (experienced action marker) 2. to go over, to pass, to cross 3. to live, to get along 4. to spend time, to pass time 5. fault, mistake 6. to exceed, to surpass, to be over 7. excessively, too- 8. to pass an exam

Here: (experienced action marker)

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