English Sentence:

Many readers criticise the author for being arrogant and out of touch.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



xu3 duo1 du2 zhe3 pi1 ping2 zhe4 ge5 zuo4 jia1 ao4 man4 yi3 ji2 yu3 xian4 shi2 tuo1 jie2.

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Words used:

許多   许多

xǔ duō

many, a lot of

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讀者   读者

dú zhě


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批評   批评

pī píng

1. to criticize 2. criticism

Here: to criticize

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這個   这个

zhè ge

this, this one

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作家   作家

zuò jiā

author, writer

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傲慢   傲慢

ào màn

arrogant, haughty

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以及   以及

yǐ jí

as well as, too, and

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1. with, and (conjunction) 2. to give

Here: with, and (conjunction)

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現實   现实

xiàn shí

1. reality, actuality 2. real, actual 3. realistic, pragmatic 4. materialistic, self-interested

Here: reality, actuality

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脫節   脱节

tuō jié

disconnected, out of touch, to come apart

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