English Sentence:

After doing exercise, I'm always very thirsty.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



zuo4 wan2 yun4 dong4 zhi1 hou4, wo3 dou1 hui4 jue2 de5 kou3 hen3 ke3.

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Words used:

做完   做完

zuò wán

to finish, to complete a task

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運動   运动

yùn dòng

1. sport, exercise 2. to move, to exercise 3. movement, campaign

Here: sport, exercise

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之後   之后

zhī hòu


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1. I 2. me 3. my 4. our

Here: I

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1. all, entirely 2. each 3. both

Here: all, both, entirely, each

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1. will (indicating future) 2. be likely to, be sure to 3. can, to be able to 4. to meet (someone) 5. to meet together, to assemble 6. meeting, association, group 7. to understand, to know 8. conference, congress

Here: will (indicating future), be likely to, be sure to

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覺得   觉得

jué de

1. to feel 2. to think

Here: to feel, to think

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1. (formal) mouth 2. (a measure word for wells, breaths, mouths, number of family members) 3. entrance, opening

Here: mouth

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very, quite

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